Армянская ТВ передача про Шаво
Часовая телепередача "We did not expect him", полностью посвященная Шаво Одаджяну, от 7 января 2014 года, с канала 2TV Armenia H2 TV. Полностью, однако, на армянском языке.
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1 Сергей из Беларуси   (09.01.2014 21:51) [Материал]
Шикует падла))

2 dani_soad   (23.01.2014 12:57) [Материал]
some of this interview

"Shavo when was 5 years old, stopped believeng in Santa Claus. When "Santa Claus" came closer to Shavo, he figured out that it's his father ! After that incident he was like "holy shit! should I say to my mommy that Santa Claus is my father ? " because Shavo thought that HIS FATHER is the real Santa Claus who is giving presents to the little children globally. Now Shavo is dressing up in SC wearings too and is giving present to children (probably from his family). Once Shavo had a flu. He took some medicines and he drank some alcoholes. Medicines and alcohole mixed up in his body and made him totally sober as fuck. After all he had lame photos and he felt big shame. Shavo have 140 guitars in his house (he have also studio in his house). Soon he is opening his website called "Sinister Soul", it will be website for the company which he opened with his uncle, where they want to sell Shavo's signed jewelry. All proceeds will go to a charity for children in Armenia.Shavo is playing on the guitar since he was 11 years old. He said that he is making songs on the guitar first, and later he translates guitar sounds for a bass sounds. Shavo really would like to play with SOAD in Armenia (Maybe Souls 2015 will be finally there) . He mentioned that Serj was playing there solo, but he can't take his bass and go there just for solo bass gig and that's why he really would like to play just there with his brothers from SOAD. He said that, when they're flying by plane, they can't fly over Turkey. After they had a chance to play there, they got a messages that turkish people were waiting for them with weapons. Also he said how armenian people react for his long beard. Once the group of drunk armenian people was spying him. At least they made him angry, he had to said something to them and they finally left him. Once when he was there, parents with little child was walking near by him.The child was like " Mommy, Dad ! It's Shavo from System of a Down " and Dad was like " what are you talking about ?! what he would have done here,huh ?? come on boy ". Shavo wanted to go to this child closer and talk with him but he lost eye contact with him quickly. Shavo was talking about the fact that he is listening music and making paintings and he really love Serj's idea with his eye for sound arts."

thanks to Armenian friend of Kamixer

3 Сергей из Беларуси   (02.02.2014 21:10) [Материал]
Эй, главный, ждем свежие новости

4 Wolframium   (04.02.2014 13:33) [Материал]
дак ничего важного-то и нет

5 Сергей из Беларуси   (08.02.2014 22:22) [Материал]
ну хоть какой нибудь слушок, что скарсы выпустят альбич

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